Class descriptions


Getting to Know Your DSLR: (Beginning level, 3 hours, $99)

- How to get that blurry background and sharp subject

- Eliminating those dark faces

- When to use flash

- Choosing the best lens

- Raw or Jpeg

- Eliminating yellow looking images by controlling white balance

- Which shooting mode to use

- Eliminating blurry images when subjects are moving


Your DSLR is not much better than a point and shoot camera until you take it off Auto and P modes. Learn what the various other modes offer, what the various buttons and dials accomplish, how to shoot a moving subject and not get a blurry image, and much more during a 3 hour workshop. Located in downtown Clovis, Morgan/James Photography’s workshops include both presentation and hands on application. So, bring your camera and questions and leave with increased confidence in your ability to capture your kids, pets, or that beautiful sunset.


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Composition: (Intermediate level, 6 hours, $179)

- Framing the image

- Compression and distortion, lens choice

- Subject and supporting characters

- Use of angles, lines and reflections

- Controlling light direction and using lighting ratios to your advantage

- How and when to use flash and other artificial light sources

- Image layering

- Waiting for the moment


A great image is capturing an important moment emphasized with interesting framing and lighting. Learn how to see the light the way your camera does and use that knowledge to compose images that are interesting and one of a kind. The workshop is held at the home studio of Morgan/James Photography in Clovis and is a combination of presentation and hands-on shooting. Bring you camera to practice what you learn.


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Lighting on Location: (Intermediate level, 6 hours, $179)

- Create texture, dimension and mood

- What to do when you don’t own a lot of lights, or maybe none at all

- Learn how to choose a particular light modifier for effect

- Creative lighting

- Using lighting ratios to your advantage

- Learn how to choose the right type of light for any situation

- Shooting in harsh light

- Shooting with mixed white balance


Unlike studio shooting with its controlled environment, location shooting is filled with the unknown.  Sometimes the sun is all we need, sometimes natural light needs a bit of help.  In this workshop you will learn to read the location and choose what type of lighting scenario would be best.  You’ll learn how to mix natural light with the various forms of artificial light.  The workshop will be held at a location in Clovis that has various lighting challenges present, and is a combination of presentation and hands-on shooting.  Bring you camera, lenses and lighting equipment (what you have) to practice what you learn.  The class size is limited so book early.


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Studio Lighting: (6 hours, $179) (Intermediate level, limited to 6)

- One light, two lights and more

- Lighting ratios  and light meters

- Modifiers and their use

- Mixing studio strobes and small flash

- Constant source lights

- Silhouettes, high key and low key

- Flash sync, triggers and tethered shooting


The workshop is held at the home studio of Morgan/James Photography in Clovis and is a combination of presentation and hands-on shooting. Bring your camera to practice what you learn.


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Event Location Lighting - Professional Series (8 hours, $349.  Class size limited)

- Using light to create mood, texture and dimension

- Zone lighting

- TTL or manual

- When light modifiers make sense

- How to get rich ambient colors

- How to get the bouquet shot

- When to use video lights vs strobes

- Using high speed sync

- Using (or not using) bounce flash

- Types and use of radio triggers

- Single and multiple light set-ups

- Making the above sub-conscious so you can capture the “moment”

- And much, much more!


This class will be held in the main ballroom of The Grand 1401, a well know Fresno wedding venue, and is designed for those photographers that want to improve their event lighting skills.  If you are properly lighting  your subjects but everything behind them is dark, or your bounce flash has washed out the ambient light and eliminated the beautiful venue lighting then this class is for you.  The day will be a combination of discussion and hands on exercises.  So, bring your camera and flashes and leave with a new understanding of how to approach a situation when natural light just isn’t available.  Lunch will be provided.  


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One On One TrainingAll levels

If you would rather we focus on your specific topics and questions then this approach may be for you.  You have our undivided attention.  Your topics, your equipment!  We focus totally on your agenda.  Just click the Contact tab above and let us know what you want to accomplish.  You can select a 2 hour, 3 hour, or 4 hour session.  Whatever you think works best for your learning style.